About Us

An about us shouldn't be so hard to write... but writing 'about us' just seems the hardest part of this journey. 

If your wondering who it is packing up your beautiful purchases, or helping choose between the many, many fantastic products we have come across on this awesome journey it's me Cass. With the help of family. At the end of the day it all comes back to family. Miss Ruby (8) has had a big help in road testing and approving many a product. In short if we wouldn't use it we wouldn't sell it. I can't forget Master Jasper (6) who you'll probably spot in pics featuring products along with Ruby. I can't forget or thank Hubby enough for being the sounding board and putting up with the many questions I fire his way in regards to the look and feel of Alex and Gold, not to mention the proof reader extrodiaire!  

We are a small family run business and hoping to leave our little mark on the online shopping experience. This is our second venture into the online market and we hope that you love A&G as much as we all do! We hope that you can feel the love and dedication we have for a collection of beautiful products and the stories behind the business we support. We always look to support the small Aussie businesses!  

I guess if I had to describe A&G it's a little story about chasing a dream, about having an idea and seeing it through and it's about living life everyday on the promise that I would follow dreams and live happy. It's in the memory of my Lexi and to the future hands one day of my Ruby. 

And to our favorite quote - 

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It....

To Family. and Shopping.

Photo Credits - Kellie Sinclair Photography

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